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Enid’s Cooper Jarnagin – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Daniel Snyder Shelter Insurance

Throughout an athlete’s career, there can be numerous moments that are special to them. It could be a personal milestone or a team accomplishment, but no matter what it is, these can be memories that stick with the athletes for a while. Cooper Jarnagin, who is a senior at Enid High School, has had some moments like that but has one that stands out among the rest.

“I would say the highlight moment of my career was last year when we hosted a regional and won it,” Cooper recalled. “And then went on to the state championship.”

Jarnagin plays third base and shortstop for the Enid baseball team. He works hard each day to continue to get better but has things on his mind that help keep him focused. 

“In order to become successful at baseball it takes a lot of hard work and determination,” he said. “I have also had to learn to be mentally strong which is very important in baseball. One thing that keeps me motivated is wanting to win a state championship.”

There have been people in his life that have helped Jarnagin become who he is today, both as an athlete and as a person.

“Coach Gore pushes me every day to become the best possible player I can be,” he said. “Also, my mom has worked extremely hard to give me the opportunities to become the player I am today. One of my teachers, Mrs.Raegle, had a positive attitude every day of class in English which is one of my least favorite subjects.”

Whenever Cooper puts on his Enid uniform, he knows that it is more than just clothing. He knows that he is representing his school in front of everyone.

“It means a lot to be able to play for my school,” he said. “Every time we take the field we play as a team and play for the name on the front of our jersey and not the back.”

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