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Enid Teacher Spotlight with Damon McKinney – Presented by Rick’s Pharmacy

Sometimes in our lives we feel compelled to make a change. Whether it is a physical change about ourselves, or our environment, or if it is a change in our mentality or way of thinking, we know the change will be for the best. Damon McKinney experienced a situation like this which ended up leading him to be a teacher.

“I was a manager in retail for fifteen years,” he said. “I realized that training young people and watching them go on to be department managers and managers at other stores was very rewarding. I also met Dr. Elizabeth Davis when I went back to college and she inspired me to become an educator.”

Damon has been a teacher at Enid High School since 2013. He currently teaches juniors and seniors in English, AP Literature, Composition, and ACT Prep. He and his wife, Amy, have been married for twenty-four years and have two biological children, Logan and Mya. They also have six foster children.

When he was in high school, Damon says that he had two teachers that had a profound impact on him.

“My high school math teacher at Seiling High School, Mr. Coulson, allowed us to explore and make mistakes when he taught us Geometry to Pre-Calculus. He allowed us to work with the material and learn through error which has helped me greatly in everything that I do. Mrs. Craighead was my junior high English teacher, and she really opened worlds to me. When her husband passed away, she gave me his collection of books that I could not put down. She also always encouraged me in my writing and really help me develop my voice.”

While teaching is hard work, it also allows McKinney to help his students achieve what they are working for.

“One thing I enjoy most about teaching is working with students and supporting them with their goals and dreams,” he said. “When they succeed, I know that my fellow teachers and I are making an impact.”

Along with teaching, Damon is also the National Honor Society sponsor and the junior class sponsor.

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