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Enid Student Spotlight- Cooper McKEE  – Presented By Slater Mechanical

A Young Runner that Sings and Acts at EHS 

By Jay Hoberecht

Cooper McKee, 15, is a sophomore at Enid High School and is involved in cross country, track, three choirs, performing arts and FCA. Plus, include a 4.0 grade point average and two AP courses this semester and you have a young man making a difference at his school.

McKee runs cross country (5K) in the fall and track (one-mile and two-mile) in the spring. He thought a moment about it and likes cross country better because you are out in the open running a course not just around a track. Conditions really matter when running so he likes training in the heat to prepared himself. He sings in three choirs at Enid High, concert choir, show choir and jazz choir. He likes all three but favors the show choir because of all the singing and dancing while performing. He called it “amazing!” He was in the last school play, Mamma Mia, as one of the three Dads and enjoyed that experience. He is involved in the local Gaslight Theatre and has attended drama camp there since the first grade.

Cooper is involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at EHS. He is the assistant music coordinator for huddle meetings and calls FCA “a good place to be with friends and teammates.”

FCA sponsor Dennom Sullivan told me that Cooper is a “super-talented, energetic young man” that sings and acts and competes at a high level. He is an important part of their worship team for FCA meetings.

McKee is still young but talked with me about being and actor and a singer or maybe an engineer working for NASA. He wants to attend OU but says all that is in God’s hands.

Cooper McKee is looking to have an impact at Enid High School this year. It may be a stressful year with cross country, track, three choirs, FCA, AP classes and academics. But I met a young man who seems very capable of pulling it off in a grand way!

Writer’s note: FCA sponsor, Dennom Sullivan, an FCA All-State coach, remembers back three years ago when he started with five kids for lunch as FCA got started at EHS. Now, they average over 75 kids for their monthly huddle meetings! Way to go Coach Sullivan all the people that help and support you!

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