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Mom Of The Month: Enid’s Shanda Slater – Presented By The Med Spa at Enid Live Well

By Jay Hoberect 

Parents want the very best for their children! The life of a parent is a series of ages and stages. Some ages and stages are better than others. VYPE’S Mom of the Month Shanda Slater says God knew she was a “boy Mom.” She kiddingly says her oldest child is husband Zack, followed by Reece, 19, Brock, 18, Zerek, 14 and Jax 3. Shanda grew up with one sister so a house full of boys has been an interesting life experience for her. 

Over the years, Shanda has come to realize “boys are different!” She has had to learn how to communicate with them, instill the right morals and values in them and how to be there for them through struggles and victories. Shanda’s husband, Zack, verified that Mom is “boss with the ultimate veto.” Both parents have always been there for their children. 

Interestingly, Shanda and Zack were Junior High sweethearts! They have been together since Waller Junior High School days except for a week when they broke up and Shanda played “hard-to-get” before getting back together. 

The Slater boys are all different. Husband Zack is part owner of Slater Mechanical and is a great Dad. Reece, 19, played football and baseball at Enid High and attends University of Arkansas studying mechanical engineering. Brock, 18, is a senior at Enid High School and plays football and baseball for the Plainsmen. Reece and Brock are only 15 months apart so the Slater’s have an EHS senior two years in a row. Zerek, 14, attends Waller Junior High and plays football, basketball and baseball. Obviously, the schedule gets pretty hectic, but Shanda and Zack attend as many activities as possible, sometimes going in different directions to get it done. 

That brings us to Jax! The Slater family decided it was God’s plan for them to become a foster family. Perhaps, secretly Shanda thought it might lead to adopting a sweet little girl. After five foster children, Jax, at five months, came along and the family decided he was part of the family. All three boys have opened their hearts to Jax. Shanda says it is hard to foster children, get attached and then let them go. There is so much love in the Slater family they heal from the process. For now, they no longer foster children. They are trying to keep up with Jax. 

Plus, Shanda is involved with the family business Slater Mechanical and volunteers with the boys’ activities. She is the unofficial EHS Football Booster Club leader and often feeds the team before and after games, works on the game program and other things to support her boys. And, she is a fan! 

Shanda Slater gets it! She and her husband are wonderful parents that are doing things the right way. She is truly…Mom of the Month! 

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