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Enid’s Emani Panchal – Color Guard Spotlight – Presented by Rick’s Pharmacy

Athletes work hard so that they can be at their best whenever they compete. While the work may not be easy or fun all the time, people like Emani Panchal know that it is important in order for her to be successful. Panchal is a member of the color guard team at Enid High School.

“Working through long school days then coming to a three hour rehearsal after hasn’t always been the easiest especially when emotions are high, I’ve always tried to channel my emotions into my spinning, it’s always made me feel like I’m a stronger performer. Being successful in my sport also means being able to work together and communicate effectively with my team. Having a strong relationship with my team is something I’ll always be grateful for because if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be able to push ourselves more and more everyday.”

Emani has been a member of the guard for the last four years, and the last two years, she has served as one of the team captains.

There have been a lot of people that have played a part in her becoming who she is today. But Panchal says that as a member of the guard, there is one person who had a really big influence.

“My coach Sarah has had a huge impact on my spinning career,” she said. “As a freshman I had always struggled with my confidence and consistency, as I’ve progressed through the years, Sarah has not only taught me to be a bold and strong performer, but she has also helped me grow my confidence as a soft spoken person.”

During her career as a member of the guard, Emani has made a lot of memories. But she says that she has one that stands out as her favorite.

“A highlight from my years of color guard would be our 2023 winter guard season,” she said. “The theme of our show was ‘embers’ like the sparks from a fire. We placed in the top five of our division the entire season which was extremely exciting. The most exciting part about the whole season was seeing how we grew creatively and as performers.”

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