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Enid’s Ashton Landrigan – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Coldwell Banker Realty III

By Derrick Smith

Throughout their careers, athletes will put in a lot of time working on their sport and trying to become the best that they can be. Ashton Landrigan says that continually working on his golf game is what has helped him get to where he is. 

“Practice after practice has played a big part in me getting better,” he said. “I also play different courses. If I played the same course all the time, that would not be as beneficial. Just trying to be a better golfer every day is my motivation.”

Ashton is a senior at Enid High School. Along with being a member of the golf team, he is also a member of EHS Works. 

Golf has been and is a big part of Landrigan’s life and he says he owes that to one person.
“One person that I look up to as a role model is my stepdad, Kyle,” he said. “He is a golfer, and he is also the one that got me started at golfing. Another person that helps me with my game is my friend Taylor. We have very similar golf games, so it always comes down to the end to see who wins. When we compete against each other, it definitely helps both of our games.”

While spending the day on the golf course does not sound like a bad plan, Ashton has also enjoyed some memorable moments. He says that one really good round stands out as his top choice.

“The highlight moment of my career would have to be when I played my best round of golf,” he said. “And to top it off, I almost got a hole in one on that round. Definitely a day I won’t soon forget.”

When he has some time off, Ashton enjoys catching up with his social media. He follows a lot of people, but he says that there is one person that he enjoys the most. 

“Cletus McFarland is my favorite person to follow on social media,” he said. “He is a YouTuber that builds and drives race cars, I have always been fascinated with working on and driving cars and I enjoy the way he always goes big and tries to get better.”

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