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Enid’s Alex Prokopis Teacher Spotlight Presented by Rick’s Pharmacy

Enid Teacher Alex Prokopis

Alex Prokopis received a phone call that would give him an opportunity to be put back in a place he always wanted to be.

Prokopis is back at Enid Public Schools as director of EPSvision at Enid High School after previously serving as orchestra director where he taught band and guitar.

He teaches courses on beginning broadcasting and classes that focus on live streaming events. The courses are detailed on scriptwriting, recording technologies, and all aspects of making students’ visions come to life on the screen.

“The EPSvision program is very special,” Prokopis said. “These students are tasked with all the live streams that happen in Enid Public Schools, as well as special projects. 

“These students are the top of the program. They have shown wonderful dedication for many years and truly make our productions excel.”

Prokopis started his career at Enid in 2016 after moving from Tulsa. He then left in 2022 to become a production coordinator at a church in Enid.

“The phone rang and a wonderful opportunity came my way to get back into the schools,” he said. “It’s a great feeling to be back in the schools and working alongside students.

I always wanted to be a teacher to help others get their “lightbulb” moment. There is nothing better than to see someone who is working hard to grasp a concept and to walk alongside them towards understanding.”

Prokopis wouldn’t have it any different than what he has at Enid.

“Enid Public Schools is a wonderful example of what it means to put children first,” he said. “The district fully understands the value of keeping our focus on what is best for children. I’m happy as a parent to have a district I know I can trust with my own child.”

Prokopis, who has been in talks of getting to work alongside some professional athletic teams in the Enid area this school year, wants his students to take value in themselves and their interests.

“I hope that when students leave me, they understand the value of their personal autonomy. We live in an incredible time where the world’s knowledge is in our pocket,” he said.

“We live in a world where we can make any dream come a reality. I hope that I have inspired students to take their independence and strive for whatever they want to do in life.”

Away from his time with students, Prokopis values his family time.

“Outside of all of the livestreams and video shoots, I’ve got a wonderful family,” he said. “My wife, Amy, is a high school counselor here at Enid High School. We’ve got a 3 and half year old that keeps us going. I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my smoker as well.”

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