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Enid’s Pete Maples Teacher Spotlight Presented by Rick’s Pharmacy

Enid Teacher Pete Maples

Pete Maples is in his 32nd year of education and his sixth at Enid High School where he teaches Honors World History, World History, Honors Human Geography and Economics.

“I came to realize in college that education was my calling,” Maples said. “I loved history and had a knack with young people.”

Enid High School has been like one big family for Maples, who teaches mostly sophomores and seniors.

“I love Enid High School. Somehow in a school with over 2,000 students and 130 teachers, they make it feel like family,” he said. “We have great leadership and our students are great.”

For the 2023-24 school year, Maples wants his classrooms to be like families.

“My plans for my students this year is to build six classroom families that work together and look out for each other,” he said. “The Honors classes will have quarterly projects, and my senior classes will have comprehensive semester projects that will hopefully be both challenging and fun. I’ve had some creative products come my way.”

Thinking critically is one of Maples’ biggest priorities to his students.

“I want my students to leave with; first and foremost, I want them to think critically. I try to use the Socratic method as much as possible,” Maples said. “I also want them to be able to communicate in verbal and written form. We talk a lot about the writing process in my class. And finally, I want them to think outside of themselves. Empathy is a great learned skill.”

Outside of life at school, Maples enjoys family time and is a big sports fan, as well as big movie enthusiast.

“I have a wonderful wife who teaches at Timberlake, two awesome grown daughters, and two granddaughters,” Maples said. “I am a lover of all things sports and a classic movie enthusiast.”

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