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Enid’s Dezirae Underwood – Mom Spotlight – Presented by Orthodontic Solutions

Dezirae Underwood is a very active volunteer when it comes to Enid High School cheerleading.

Underwood, the mother of Madison, a senior cheerleader, does a variety of things to help support the program.

“At Enid, cheer every year there has always been a parent that steps up and takes the initiative to make sure our kids have snack bags for away games, camp, competitions, a cooler and water bottles to every away game, and team dinners before each of our home football games,” Underwood said.

“Homecoming mum planning and creating. Just all the extras that the coach or athletes shouldn’t have to worry about and know that they are taken care of. I wanted to be that person for my step daughter during her senior year. I’ve always helped out but this year I definitely took charge on the parent end planning, scheduling and getting the parents more involved.”

Underwood, also the mother of Elijah, an Enid High School graduate, Maizy, a fourth grader, and Quinn, who is in the third grade, feels it’s important to be involved and satisfying to see the end results.

“I believe it’s so important to be involved because you’re building your child and their teammates up for success,” she said. “They know they will always have someone there and it will always get taken care of in whatever way we can. Your children see you and see you do good for not only the betterment of you but others as well.

“I’d say the most satisfying part of volunteering is getting to be there and watch your kids grow in front of your eyes in some aspects that we don’t always get to have a front row seat for.”

During her free time, Underwood enjoys new adventures with her family.

“My family loves new adventures, getting out of our comfort zones and no matter where we are we will always search and find the best food joints in the area,” she said.

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